Monitor Attendee Chat

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
The Attendee Chat (formerly called the Group Chat) engagement tool is currently set up to be unmonitored. I would love for the chat to be monitored to allow Producers to delete chat messages when necessary. We recently had a couple of inappropriate messages posted and had no way to remove them during the live webcast.

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
When inappropriate messages are posted, there is no way to remove them. As Producers, I expected that we would have control over something like that.

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?
No, our only option is to remove the chat engagement tool from the archived on-demand version of the webcast so that the inappropriate comments are not visible there, but that also means that on-demand viewers can’t view the other (appropriate), helpful comments that were shared during the live presentation.

100% agree. My organization uses the attendee chat to engage with customers and some of the comments also have been inappropriate. It would also be helpful to be able to modify the moderator name so it doesn’t appear like my log in name.


Hi there. So there is no way unfortunately of deleting the comments. Definitely would be great to be able to do that. However, if you wish to change the way your name appears to the audience as the moderator you can adjust this, as can anyone logged in as producer, presenter, Q&A by clicking on “presenters” in the main menu on elite studio. There you can edit the way your name appears. so for example, change to “moderator”.

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